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RobertCodescu a comentat "Concesionat pe 50 de ani, acum lucrări de restaurare. Doamne ajută !!! ..."
la o fotografie din albumul Vatra Dornei sau ''perla Bucovinei''
RobertCodescu a comentat "Chiar şi gara e o clădire monument istoric !!!!! ..."
la o fotografie din albumul Vatra Dornei sau ''perla Bucovinei''
RobertCodescu a comentat "Eu m-aş bucura de orice fel de poză de aici !!! ..."
la impresia Pensiune Select Ocna Sugatag
RobertCodescu a comentat "Ce de bani aruncaţi (aluminiu şi plastic nerecuperat) !!!!!! ..."
la o fotografie din albumul Marble Beach azi
narcisa810 a comentat "Cel m ai aproape este un hotel in Corfu Town.iN REST,IN ORICE STATIUNE TE AI CAZ ..."
la impresia Catedrala Sf. Spiridon - CORFU
AlinaIscru a comentat "narcisa multumesc dar m intereseaza zona as vrea sa ma cazez aproapre nu sa stra ..."
la impresia Catedrala Sf. Spiridon - CORFU
narcisa810 a comentat "La capatul cafenelei de pe Spianada(Esplanada),cel dintre Palatul Regal se afla ..."
la impresia Catedrala Sf. Spiridon - CORFU
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Pippa Middleton Hit celine cabas the Runway celine mini belt in College Fashion Show

Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Celine Bagis not new to fashion or to charity events, and pictures have just surfaced to prove it. When she was in college, at celine trio Edinburgh University, reports US Weekly, she modeled in a runway show, wearing a getup that could double in a Halloween production. A jeweled falconor something like thatsits in the middle of her chest, over a strapless blue creation of polka dotted fabric, inset and hemmed in darker blue satin. The hem is short in front, frumpy long in back, and does not flatter. Not her legs, not her chest, and likely not celine mini tie bag her nowfamous bum. She wore this all with purple heels. To match the raptor wings?

Pippa Middleton, who celine mini luggage tote was years away from being famous back in 2004, looked very much like the college student she was, and her hair could celine box bag have come in fresh from a hardfought hockey match. Probably no ticket holder at the charity event would have predicted she would soon become a fashion leader. Or sister to the future queen.

Now, of course, she is a socialite, an entrepreneur of her own businessan offshoot of her family party corporation, and the world knows her name. And everyone admires her toned body. And makes cracks about her body parts. Well, it enough to say Pippa Middleton has come a long way from that fashion show to her daily fashion parade in front of the paparazzi. And it a safe celine phantom cabas bet the blue polka dot number is not hanging in celine trapeze bag her closet. 

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